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Pre rehearsal preparation

  • Understand the scope and maturity of the team, plans, time available and budget.
  • Sign any non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements as necessary.
  • Set objectives and detail key performance indicators.
  • Consult and agree the scenario and duration in order to achieve the objectives.
  • Prepare a main events list of activities.
  • Prepare scripts, video, photographs, TV clips, newspapers and scenario collateral.
  • Conduct a rehearsal of the rehearsal for the facilitators.
  • Produce the expected debrief points, observers’ notes, benchmarking tools.
  • Select the venue (Onsite-offsite).
  • Draft an invitation and scenario preamble to participants.
  • Set up telecoms, IT, video recording and AV infrastructure at venue or multiple sites depending on extent and scope of rehearsal.
  • Introduction, objectives, conduct, behaviour and rules of engagement briefing.
  • Facilitate the rehearsal through controlling the delivery of timescales, locations, scripts and scenario collateral by telephone, IT systems, press and face to face.
  • Debrief as appropriate.
  • Unobtrusively video record the CMT in action.
  • Set the tempo and level of complexity as appropriate to challenge the participants and validate the plans.
  • Ensure the direction and reality of the scenario is maintained.
  • Engage all participants.
  • Ensure there is no humiliation, distress or boredom for participants.
  • Confirm familiarity with roles and responsibilities.
  • Validate the plan documentation.
  • Expose participants to external factors, responding agencies and 3rd parties.
  • Ensure an appropriate sense of humour is maintained.
  • Hot debrief immediately after the rehearsal to tease out the most important issues while fresh.
Post Rehearsal follow up
  • Analyse video recording and produce a ‘cold de-brief’ report containing plan validation objectives, suggested plan revisions, recommendations, summary of transcript within 10 working days.
  • Issue of the unedited video recording.
  • Issue of the edited video highlights.
  • Completion of any regulatory statements for audit/quality (FSA, HSE, COMAH, Fed, ISO).
  • Issue of a certificate to the team or individuals as appropriate.



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